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If your business sells technology to other businesses, you need leads. Top-of-the-funnel leads. Marketing qualified leads. Leads that match your buyer personas. That’s why I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Alan Sharpe, veteran B2B copywriter. I specialize in direct response lead generation for businesses that sell technology to other businesses. I’ve been writing copy for Apple, Bell, IBM and hundreds of other organizations since 1989. That’s not a typo. So if you need quality leads, and more of them, let’s talk.

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Advertising Copywriter

You know it’s a good advertisement if you remember the name of the advertiser and not just the ad. Repeat after me: Alan Sharpe. Alan Sharpe. Alan Sharpe.

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Brochure Copywriter

Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Hey, that’s a great opening line for a brochure.

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Direct Mail Copywriter

Actually, I’m one of those people who thinks that mail superiority is a good thing.

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Slogan Copywriter

I was behind a moving van the other day. On the back was some giant type: “No slogan. Just great service.” Great slogan.

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Technical Copywriter

Need a copywriter who has experience selling technical products and services? Call Alan Sharpe at 1-800-[(10x)(ln(13e))]-[sin(xy)/2.362x].

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Want a Sharpe increase in your B2B results?

I’m a copywriter who specializes in direct response lead generation for businesses that sell technology to other businesses.

Attract qualified prospects

You want results, naturally. That’s why the main skill I offer you is strategic direct response copy that generates sales leads. I guide you through a simple, step-by-step, proprietary inquiry process that answers the four most important questions in direct mail lead generation. I then craft a customized message that attracts qualified prospects.

Generate leads with proven tactics

First, I learn how your sales representatives close a sale. Then, I work backwards to the initial contact or event that generates that sales lead. I then write your copy so that you sell the next step—which is usually to get a lead—rather than close the sale. By collaborating with you, I create copy that is right for your situation, your goals, your target audience.

Stand out

Your customers are busy. And easily distracted. They’re bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages a day. Smartphones, tablets, laptops (hey, even people), compete for their limited attention. That’s why my copywriting services help you stand out with compelling copy and targeted messages.

Increase your response rates

Do you need to generate leads for your sales force, generate traffic at your trade show booth, drive buyers to your website, introduce new products and services to your customers? Whatever your goal, I craft a promotional piece that addresses your immediate business challenge.

Craft offers that motivate buyers

I work with your team to craft an offer that meets the eight requirements of all successful offers. A compelling offer is vital to the success of your direct response campaign. I have a good idea of what works, what fails, and what you need to do to craft an offer that generates the response (and conversion) that you need.

Move prospects along your pipeline

I write the brochures, white papers, case studies, success stories and special industry reports that you give to prospects who respond to your lead generation piece. I also write customized landing pages that help you qualify prospects and take each one to the next step in your sales process.


This is the only part of my website that I didn’t write. It features candid observations from some of my satisfied clients.

Their remarks are positive without exception. Go figure.

If you’re one of our competitors, please use another copywriter . . . . Alan’s prose gives us the competitive advantage we need to succeed! Thanks to Alan, traffic to our website has doubled, we’re getting more qualified leads than ever before and sales are booming! We received a response rate of almost 3%.

Mark Goodin

Partner, Aaron-Abrams Field Support Services

Alan Sharpe did a superb job assisting us with a new product launch. From the interview that uncovered our specific needs to the final copy that rendered our objectives into written form, Mr. Sharpe distilled the benefits of our product into a compelling message. If you need copy that’s succinct, interesting and persuasive, we enthusiastically recommend Alan Sharpe for your next project.

Rex Bledsoe

General Manager, Aquawear

I am dropping in the mail finished examples of the two postcards you wrote for our lead generation campaign—they came out great. The first mailing had a return on investment in the area of 1,030%. A month later we mailed your second card to the same list—and it did even better! Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, your approach was phenomenally successful.

William DiPaolo

VP, Sales & Marketing, Cogent Road, Inc.

Working with Alan Sharpe has been a pleasure. Alan captured our requirements and translated them towards a very successful case study campaign that provided LogiSense with a succinct articulation of our value proposition.” We have found great benefit from Alan’s work and strongly endorse his services.

Flavio Gomes

CEO, LogiSense Corporation

Alan takes the abstract, researches the topic thoroughly and gains a deep understanding of the product or service, the applicable target audiences and then plays back brilliant copy that speaks in clear dialogue. Results? You bet. Alan gets to the core of each assignment—on budget—on time. You will not be disappointed.

Peter Watson

President, Response Generators, Inc.

Alan is a master of saying more with less. His writing is tight and efficient, which is a must in B-to-B.

John Warrillow

President, Warrillow & Co.

Alan Sharpe wrote the Best Practices Manual for HBS copywriting. That just about says it all. He’s a writer with great focus and precision.

Don Hewson

President, Hewson Bridge and Smith Ltd.

Alan Sharpe has written three appeal letters for our ministry in the recent past. On each occasion, he produced a stimulating high-quality product within the agreed time frames. The last two letters he wrote for us were so well received by our supporting constituency that the resulting donations significantly exceeded the targeted amount for each appeal. My intention is to use his copywriting services increasingly in the future.

Gerald Hayes

Executive Director, Trans World Radio Canada

Raise your hand if you’d like to work with a veteran copywriter who has . . .


Eaten a hard-boiled penguin egg


Traveled with the circus


Taught a boy with cerebral palsy to downhill ski


Climbed the Swiss Alps


Built a root cellar


Lived in a snow hole


Preached through the Gospel of Matthew


Found his future wife on the Internet


Been inspected by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Slept through a live performance of Swan Lake


Scuba dived with leopard seals


Lived in Jane Fonda's old house in Paris

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