Sample Letter of Agreement

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006

Mr. John Smith, Marketing Manager
ABC Software, Inc.
165 Any Street Suite 101
San Diego CA 12345

Dear John:

RE: Letter of Agreement for your direct mail campaign.

Thank you for asking me to quote your project. My job, as I understand it, is to write and design a lead generation package for your software product. The package, yet to be determined, will be the equivalent of a letter, 8 ½ x 11 inches in dimension, copy on both sides, a brochure, 11 x 17 inches in dimension, copy on both sides, and an insert, 3 x 8 ½ inches in dimension, copy on both sides. The goal of the mailer is to motivate prospects to complete a detailed survey/qualification form so that your account manager can follow up and close the sale. I will provide such marketing, lead generation, design and editorial consulting services as are required to complete your project to your satisfaction. You will handle printing and postage. For my professional fee I will:

• follow your creative brief
• follow your marketing plan
• follow your communications plan
• read previous sales letters of this kind that you have produced
• read brochures about your products
• review your website
• study literature and websites of three of your competitors, which you supply
• review direct mail samples from your competitors, which you supply
• review market research and surveys, which you supply
• work with you to craft a compelling hard offer and a compelling soft offer for this mailing
• create at least three creative approaches (rough copy and design) for this mailing, from which you will choose one
• work with you to create multiple ways for prospects to respond
• create a compelling theme for the package
• write all copy for the mailing envelope, letter, brochure and insert using tested methods for crafting copy and offers that generate response
• design the mailing envelope, letter, brochure and insert so that they are compelling, attentiongetting and persuasive

1. I will deliver a first draft of each piece within two weeks of receiving your go-ahead.
2. I will deliver final versions of each piece, with copy and design complete and ready to print in an electronic format, within 30 days of submitting my first draft.

My fee
My firm, flat fee for rendering these professional services is as follows:

Letter 1,500
Brochure 1,000
Insert 500
Subtotal $3,000.00

Letter 500
Brochure 800
Insert 300
Subtotal $1,600.00

Letter 300
Brochure 400
Insert 200
Subtotal $900.00
TOTAL US$5,500.00

My fee includes all brainstorming, writing, revising, editing, consulting, research, couriers, long-distance phone calls and faxes. Copy revisions are included in my fee as long as you assign these revisions within 30 days of receiving my copy, and as long as these revisions are not based on a change in the assignment made after my copy is submitted.

1. My standard policy for first projects with new clients is to obtain 50 percent of the total project cost in advance (in this case, US$1,312.50).
2. I send you my final invoice a week after submitting my copy, payable within 30 days.

If you are not completely satisfied with my direct mail copywriting services, I will, at your request, either waive my professional fee, or accept a portion of my fee that reflects your level of satisfaction.

If this quote is acceptable to you, please sign and return this quote to me with your check for US$1,312.50. If you prefer, you can pay by PayPal or credit card. This gives me the go-ahead that I need to proceed with your assignment, for the fee specified.

Thank you.

Your fellow marketer,

My signature blue

Alan Sharpe
I agree to the above terms and hereby authorize you to proceed with the assignment, for the fee specified.

Signed: __________________________

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Date: ____________________________

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Job Number: __________________________

Purchase Order Number: _________________