Why hire Alan Sharpe

Hire Alan Sharpe as your direct response copywriter and get your money back.

You’ll likely recover your investment in Alan’s direct mail copywriting services with the first sale you make. He wrote a promotional piece a while back that generated $90,000 in revenue. His fee for writing that piece would be $2,500 today.

So you’d spend two cents to earn a dollar.

Not shabby.

You brief him once and get back to your mission-critical work

Alan worked it out recently, and most of his clients are satisfied with his copy after just two drafts. Which means his second draft is usually his final draft. You save time because he crafts the right message for the right audience in the right way the first time around, with a second draft usually needed only to tweak the tone a little, or adjust the offer and call to action, or make a change to keep legal happy.

You acquire qualified prospects cost-effectively

Generating qualified sales leads with direct mail is Alan’s specialty. He supports a wife and two boys with disabilities, and pays a mortgage, on the professional fees that he charges for attracting qualified sales leads for his clients. Since direct mail lead generation is his area of expertise, he is efficient. And cost-effective.
You get tactical thinking.

Alan is a successful business owner himself. So when you don’t know what sets you apart from your competitors, he helps you find out. When you aren’t sure about how to motivate your customers, Alan helps you decide. When you can’t think of a compelling offer, he helps you craft one.

You maintain your ethical standards

Because a half-truth is a whole lie, Alan tells the truth in everything he writes. Your reputation remains impregnable under his pen.

You invest your money risk-free

Alan guarantees in writing that you will be satisfied with his direct response copywriting services or your money will be promptly refunded in full. You retain his services risk-free. Read Alan’s no-risk, money-back guarantee.