I create advertising campaign themes, and think up the “BIG IDEAS” that make your advertising campaigns memorable and profitable. I write full-page ads for business-to-business trade magazines, half-page city newspaper advertorials, quarter-page ads for trade newspapers, product ads, service ads, announcement ads and more.

Direct Mail

Another skill I offer is direct response copywriting. My strategic, creative ideas and tight copy generate results. I craft sales letters, self-mailers and direct mail packages that either generate booth traffic at trade shows, generate leads, solicit donations or make sales. I write small direct-mail invitations to attend national conferences. I create mail order campaigns. I write direct-mail packages to sell magazine subscriptions. You get the idea.


I write the brochures, flyers, factsheets, spec sheets, kit folders and other collateral that you need to promote your products, services and organization.


Another one of my sought-after skills is creating unique and memorable slogans and themes. I create slogans for trade shows, sales conferences, products and services. I also create names for new products and services — even companies.


I help mission agencies, hospitals, NGOs and other non-profit organizations across North America to communicate with their supporters through the written word. I craft your case for support and then translate that into compelling copy for direct mail letters and campaign brochures. My strategic, creative ideas and tight copy generate results. My fundraising letters for one international NGO generated over CAN$5 million in one year.