Brochure Copywriter Alan Sharpe

In the olden days before the Internet, I used to make a decent living as a freelance brochure copywriter. Today, not so much. Sales collateral has moved online. Businesses that relied on brochures to sell their products and services have either moved online or have gone out of business. I know, because the ad agency I worked for when the Internet came along failed to keep up. When their clients wanted pixels, my agency offered print, and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

But I digress.

You are on this page because you’re looking for a brochure copywriter. I get it. Brochures, factsheets, sales sheets, spec sheets and other collateral still have their place, especially in business-to-business marketing (my copywriting niche, as it happens). I can help you. I started out as a copywriter in the pre-Internet days of 1989, working as a freelance copywriter before getting hired by a B2B ad agency in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Today I write brochures and other sales collateral as a freelance brochure copywriter.

You name it, I’ve written it (and re-written it)

  • booklets
  • product brochures
  • self-mailer brochures
  • service brochures
  • six-panel brochures
  • 12-page brochures

You name it, I’ve sold it

  • object-oriented software development
  • encryption and authentication software
  • employee management software
  • utility trailers
  • florist supplies
  • yachts
  • digital cellular and landline telecommunications
  • digital video transmission systems
  • advanced manufacturing
  • industrial pumps
  • semiconductor and electronics
  • trade show and conference invitations


Amnesty International
Blitz Direct & Promotion
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Cognos Incorporated
Cossette Communication-Marketing
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity
Hilton Hotels
IBM Corporation
John Deere
Nortel Networks
Open Text Corporation
Psion Teklogix
Royal Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank
Sun Microsystems
TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group
Warrillow & Co.

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Your product is amazing. And I’ll put that in writing.

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