Direct Mail Copywriter Alan Sharpe

I’m a direct mail copywriter who helps businesses in America, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia to sell their products and services using creative direct mail marketing. As a direct response copywriter, I specialize in business-to-business direct mail marketing, particularly lead generation.

Attract qualified prospects

You want results, naturally. That’s why the main skill I offer you is strategic direct mail copy that generates sales leads. I lead you through a simple, step-by-step, proprietary inquiry process that answers the four most important questions in direct mail lead generation. I then craft a customized direct mail package designed to turn your letters into leads.

Generate leads using the latest, tested DM tactics

Do you need a sales letter, a self-mailer, a postcard, a dimensional mailer or something else? I help you find out. First, I learn how your sales representatives close a sale. Then I work backwards to the initial contact or event that generates the sales lead. I then write your direct mail piece in such a way that you sell the next step—which is to get a lead—rather than close the sale. By collaborating with you and your marketing team, i create the direct mail piece that is right for your situation, your goals, your target audience, right now. To see how I work with you on a campaign, click here.

Stand out in your customer’s mailbox—and inbox

Your customers are busy. But you know that. They’re bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages a day. Just as you and I are. My direct mail copywriting services help you stand out by using creative, compelling envelopes, targeted messages and sometimes wacky visuals.

Increase your response and conversion rates

Do you need to do any of the following?

  • attract new customers?
  • generate leads for your sales force?
  • generate traffic at your trade show booth?
  • drive buyers to your website?
  • strengthen relationships with your existing customers?
  • secure sales appointments with qualified prospects?
  • nurture relationships with long-term prospects?
  • introduce new products and services to your customers?
  • persuade prospects to try your demo software CD?
  • increase retail traffic?
  • invite clients to your event?
  • persuade prospects to invite you onsite to conduct a needs analysis?
  • survey your clients?
  • announce a sale or special offer?
  • win back inactive customers?

Whatever your goal, I craft a direct mail package that addresses your immediate business challenge, and moves your bottom line in the right direction.

Craft offers that motivate your potential and current customers

I work with you to craft an offer that meets the eight requirements of all successful direct mail offers. A compelling offer is vital to the success of your direct mail campaign. I have a good idea of what works, what fails, and what you need to do to craft a direct mail offer that generates the response you need.

Move prospects to the next step in your sales process

Published studies show that up to 70 percent of sales leads generated by the folks in marketing are never followed up on by a sales person. Ouch. I help you improve on those numbers by designing a fulfillment strategy for your mailer. I help you get the resources in place to follow up on every sales lead that his direct mail package generates.

Sometimes that means writing a brochure, white paper, case study, success story or special industry report for you, one that you give to prospects who respond to your lead generation mailer. Other times, it means writing a customized landing page for your website that helps you qualify prospects and take each one to the next step in your sales process.

How successful is your current DM?

Want to improve your sales letters or direct mail packages? Want to increase response? My creative analysis service examines your piece line by line, and suggests ways to improve your envelope copy, headlines, body copy, call to action, offer, strategy and more. All with a view to improving what you already have.

You name it, I’ve written it (and re-written it)

  • B2B postcards
  • buckslips
  • catalogs
  • direct mail letters
  • lead generation packages
  • lift notes
  • self mailers
  • trade show booth invitations

You name it, I’ve sold it

  • object-oriented software development
  • encryption and authentication software
  • employee management software
  • utility trailers
  • florist supplies
  • yachts
  • digital cellular and landline telecommunications
  • digital video transmission systems
  • advanced manufacturing
  • industrial pumps
  • semiconductor and electronics


Amnesty International
Blitz Direct & Promotion
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Cognos Incorporated
Cossette Communication-Marketing
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity
Hilton Hotels
IBM Corporation
John Deere
Nortel Networks
Open Text Corporation
Psion Teklogix
Royal Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank
Sun Microsystems
TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group
Warrillow & Co.

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