Technical Copywriter Alan Sharpe

Your challenge in hiring a technical copywriter is finding a techie who can write or in finding a copywriter who is a techie. Not an easy task. I should know, because I’m a copywriter who has a penchant for all things technical.

I got started as a copywriter in 1990, working as a freelancer before being hired as senior copywriter at Hewson. Bridge and Smith, an advertising agency in Canada’s capital. All that I wrote was technical copy. My agency was a business-to-business advertising agency that worked almost exclusively with hi-tech firms in what was then known as Canada’s Technology Triangle. I learned the craft of writing technical copy in the trenches with some of Canada’s leading tech firms, including Cognos and Nortel. Since those pre-Internet days, I have written technical copy for hundreds of firms large and small.

You name it, I’ve written it (and re-written it)

  • banner ads
  • business to business print ads
  • ads for the Thomas Register
  • spec sheets
  • factsheets
  • lead generation mailers for tech firms
  • recruiting ads for software firms
  • software box copy (when software used to be delivered on a CD)
  • conference invitations for software vendors
  • slogans for technology firms

You name it, I’ve sold it

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • computer hardware
  • construction management software
  • desktops
  • digital cellular and landline telecommunications
  • digital video transmission systems
  • employee management software
  • encryption and authentication software
  • industrial pumps
  • integrated circuit design, manufacture and testing
  • interactive voice response
  • laptops
  • mortgage software
  • object-oriented software development
  • semiconductors and electronics
  • welding and fabrication


Cognos Incorporated
IBM Corporation
Newbridge Networks
Nortel Networks
Open Text Corporation
Psion Teklogix
Sun Microsystems

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Your product is amazing. And I’ll put that in writing.

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